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How to Increase Your Post Engagement

It’s official!

People have started seeking for new ways to add to their brand popularity and the best way to beat that algorithm, is via increasing their post engagement.

Did you know that engagement on Facebook has fallen by 20% since the start of 2017? This comes from BuzzSumo who analyzed over 880 million Facebook posts by brands and publishers.

It was even estimated that 4 billion posts come out every single day; if Facebook users are almost at 2 billion, then there’s a 2:1 ratio of posts to people, which means that there’s simply too much stuff.

post engagement

This is why businesses have to differentiate from one another by getting the maximum amount of post engagement they can.



Ask questions

Believe it or not, your fans are real people… and what do people like to do? To Participate!

Yes, you own a business and you want to raise your sales percentage, but in order to do that, you have to involve your customers into this process.

Your fans want to feel like they are a big part of your page (which is actually true) and they are intrigued to respond to nicely put questions within a post.

Ask them what they think of this Spring outfit, or how they are spending their weekend; anything that will get them to comment on your post and just getting that communication started, is definitely the way to go.

So don’t be shy and ask away!



Focus on Quality instead of Quantity

It’s not a race of who is going to be publishing more posts in a day, and business owners have to realize that.

Now, it’s more about the actual post itself and what message it delivers, rather than the amount of posts that a page publishes on a daily basis.

After all, you have to come up with a heck of a lot of content if you want to post several times a day, and even if you do, most of those posts won’t get the attention they deserve regardless if they are of amazing content.

Therefore, our advice is to concentrate on the quality of those posts and make them as engaging as possible.

You only need one good post to get attention, so get your creation mode on!

post engagement


Invest in ads

Since organic reach has declined from the very beginning of 2018, ads will come in handy now.

Whether you are investing on Facebook or Instagram ads, you have to make yourself more visible since these 2 platforms have minimized brand exposure.

An important aspect to this is that you also have to make sure those ads are unique and that your target market is the most appropriate one for your business – or else you’ll be wasting your budget.

If those ads perform as well as you have expected, then you’ll see an increase on the number of your likes and followers and ultimately your organic reach and post engagement.

You have to make money to earn money after all.



Share relevant content

There’s nothing wrong with sharing other people’s content – as long as you give them the credit.

Sharing relevant content in your page can get you fans and ultimately an even larger reach than you anticipated when you take advantage of your competitors’ content.

OK we admit that it might feel a tad weird sharing other businesses’ content, but when you finally experiment with this kind of high-quality used content, the results will change your mind.

There are two types of curated content you can share:

  • Third-party content from other brands
  • User-generated content from your customers

You mostly have to share posts from other brands with that type of content that resonates with YOUR brand.

post engagement


Show that you’re Human

What goes on behind the scenes is a sight to be seen.

Forget the usual stock photos once in a while and start showing who is behind that computer screen – and that’s you!

People love to see the actual faces of a brand and you yourself have to demonstrate that you’re not just an impersonal business who is after their money but a brand with a personality as well.

These kinds of posts have shown an increasing amount of engagement which means that fans are purely loving them.

Get those selfie sticks ready and start your photoshoot!



Have you tried this post engagement yet?
Let us know what has worked more for you in the comments below!

Eleonora Xenophontos
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