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13 Fun Social Media Post Ideas to Spice Up Your Page

If you are a frequent Destino blog reader, then you must know that we can’t put enough emphasis on making your social media post as fun and interesting as possible.

The reason? If they’re not fun and interesting, then how are you drawing your customers in? Just think about that every time you’re at the commencement of a post creation.

Worry no more, as we have the thinking hat on for you and are giving you 13 fun social media post ideas to spice up that page of yours.



The idea of posting quotes has being going on for years now, but surprisingly enough, it still works!

Finding a quote that relate to your business is pretty easy – all you have to do is have a quick search online, find what is appropriate for you, and add the author credits at the end. Simple enough.

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#2. Behind the Scenes

The people behind your brand should never be a secret. In fact, your followers would absolutely love to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of your brand and get to know you and your employees.

These photos give a face to your company and make it feel more personal.



#3.  Emoji posts

The definition of fun is right here, in emojis.

Many companies have been attempting such posts which is really a collection of emojis that shape an image that you want to portray.

For example, Bud light is a perfect way to demonstrate a good use of emojis.

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#4. Create Polls

Polls have recently stepped into this posting trend quite recently and people have grown fond of them.

They are a quick and easy way to grow your audience engagement and even more so to learn more about what makes them tick.



#5. Tutorials

The educational part of your brand should most certainly not be forgotten. Whether it’s a how-to or a simple recipe, people simply adore watching these short videos.

The idea of learning something new that interests them is merely exciting. If done right, engagement rate will fly through the roof.

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#6. Go Live

Time to get over your shyness and go under the spotlight.

Researches have shown that this feature increases not only social media post engagement and post reach, but also an increase in customer trust. As a matter of fact, people spend three times longer watching Facebook Live videos than pre-recorded ones

Whether you’re going live from your house kitchen or conducting a Q&A, responding to people in real-time establishes a more personal connection.



#7. Play Games

No matter the age, many love to play games online, especially when it comes to a brand and/or product that interests them.

Let your imagination run wild and  think of a fun game that can also relate to your page.

A few ideas include:

  • Puzzles
  • Quizzes
  • Contests
  • Caption contest
  • Fill in the gap etc.

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#8.  Infographics

If you haven’t heard of infographics, then you’re not utilizing your page to the fullest of your knowledge.

Infographics is a visual representation of information you want to portray to your fans.

Think of it as a long social media post in the form of a picture.



#9. Customer Feature

You’re not the only one who can be put on the spotlight – your customers can be put up there as well.

The same way your customers portray their love for your brand, you ought to demonstrate publicly your appreciation towards them.


#10. Create a Meme

Instead of posting a meme, take this to the next level and create your own!

A great idea is to take a funny picture of one of your employees, make up a caption and post away.

Prepare for that ‘Share’ button to go on fire.



#11. Ask Questions

Do you have burning questions about your customers?

The best way solve them… is to just ask!

People like interacting so when you directly ask them something, they’ll respond with their ideas, which will allow them to feel heard, and you can get some helpful insight into what they are thinking.

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#12. Social Media Takeover

Sometimes attempting to bring in new life into your social feeds means letting someone else take over.

Takeovers are a quite new trend that you let your social accounts in someone else’s hands, most of the time for 24 hours.

Handing off your social presence to another brand or even an influencer with a massive following is a prime way to get your business in front of some new faces. You can also let someone else in your company take over your account to give your feed some flavor.

The purpose of this takeover is to get exposure, so you should ideally choose someone who has a similar audience to your own.



#13. Comment on Current Events

Is the Eurovision on? Or has the Champions League started?

Whatever is going on at that time, it’s important to show your viewers that you are updated.

‘Comment on who is winning today’, or ‘share your thoughts on this issue’ is the perfect social media post example to skyrocket your engagement.

Make sure you don’t fall back on anything though, because your fans aren’t as forgiving!

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Have you tried any of these posts?

Let us know in the comment section!

Eleonora Xenophontos
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