Facebook Myths You Should Know About

How often do you hear the word ‘Facebook’?

If you’re in the business world, then you probably hear it all too often… and it’s not by coincidence!

Facebook has taken the world by surprise after its introduction in 2004 and now businesses are certainly taking advantage of it.

But since you’re here, you must be wondering “Why should I care about Facebook?”

There are a lot of misconceptions and frustrations floating around when it comes to this platform and we’re here to debunk some of those Facebook myths!


Myth #1: You can’t post the same thing twice

Now who said that? Must have been someone who doesn’t know a thing of how Facebook works.

The actual mistake is thinking this way.

Of course you can post the same twice if it was that big of a success. There’s no reason of why you shouldn’t really.

If you want to post something again, that means that the post had recieved good engagement and that you want to resurrect it. And we don’t blame you one bit for thinking that.

That post could reach other people within and outside your page and might get an even better response than before. Therefore,  you should definitely try your luck out by reposting it or you can even insert it into an ad.

In other words, just don’t let it go to waste.



Myth #2: Facebook alone will get you clients and customers

Facebook alone is for sure pure power, but just creating a page doesn’t automatically get you all the riches and customers in the world.

Do businesses get customers from Facebook? Absolutely! But it’s not as simple as that.

Many businesses have been discouraged by the fact that they have been on this platform for the longest time but had still gotten any great results – the problem to this is that they just don’t know how to handle it properly.

You have to steadily create Relationships with your customers and lure them to your page. Truthfully, this is done gradually and there’s no magic formula that will instantly magnetize your desired customers.

Your goal though, shouldn’t be to use Facebook as a direct sales channel as you should first see it as a means to gaining people’s trust.

So, do view this social media platform as a way to build up brand credibility first, and then go into the sale section.

Facebook myths



Myth #3: The same type of content works the same for every industry

Well guess what… the post used by that supermarket can’t be used on your beauty related business – and that’s just logic.

Each industry has its own data and customer interests so you can’t treat every single one the same way.

For example:

If you have a page that is directed to business owners, you won’t be using the same tone and content as if you’re talking to teenagers. But on the other hand, if you’re selling electronic games, of course you’re allowed to be more informal to your audience as they are younger in age.

The point is, that you have to be talking to the audience you want to attract. Not everyone should be referred the same way as not everyone will Respond the same way.



Myth #4: Facebook takes WAY too much time

If Facebook takes way too much time out of your schedule, then you’re doing something wrong.

This Facebook myth is surely not true, as its interface is updated constantly in order to facilitate people and businesses to go through their page and its functions.

Marketing on Facebook is probably just something that you haven’t yet done effectively so you can’t see the amazing value it can bring to you and your business.

Facebook requires a very small amount of time when you know what you’re doing – even if you don’t, it’s easy to navigate your way around it and figure it out.

When you take a few minutes out of your day and plan your business throughout this social media channel, you will see that the time invested in it is minimum compared to the huge payout it will bring you.

Facebook myths



Myth #5: I need to be a professional to handle Facebook

Hm, not really.

Like we mentioned before, Facebook has been constantly changing and updating its interface in order to make it easier for us – and quite frankly, it works.

People who commonly use this Facebook myth haven’t most probably taken the time to test the platform around and see how easy it is to work your way around it.

Sure professionals will most likely do it a tad faster than an ordinary business man, but there’s no reason why that business man can’t be a Facebook professional himself.

All it takes, is some time out of someone’s schedule to familiarize himself with this social media platform.



Myth #6: Facebook is dying!

Now that’s a shocker… not!

We’ve been hearing this a lot lately since the announcement of Mark Zuckerberg for the algorithm change.

OK so Facebook is alternating a few things but the platform is more alive than ever.

In contrast to this myth, Facebook really is growing day by day with numerous of businesses joining and trying to make the best of this experience.

Facebook myths

source: techcrunch.com

As you can see, Facebook is anything but dead! In fact… you can even say it’s a goldmine!




Facebook Myths… DEBUNKED!

Eleonora Xenophontos
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