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Best Mother’s Day Social Media Contest Ideas

For most, Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate motherhood and motherly bonds. For marketers, Mother’s Day is a great opportunity for sales.

Annual gift-giving events as such are a goldmine for businesses to demonstrate their product or services to the world. To succeed in doing so you have to play smart, and that includes the idea of producing Mother’s Day-related contests.

Everyone loves a contest, and what better way to reward those hard-working mums all over the world than with some free presents.

Take a look at what kind of contests you can consider in doing.

mothers day contest


Romantic dinner

How about a nice romantic night with the spouse? That surely sounds like a good plan for a busy family. Not only the mum will love the idea, but also the husband.


Spa Day

You know what spa day means – a full day of relaxation. The word relaxation can’t be stressed enough in a busy mum’s schedule, let alone being pampered by numerous of beauticians.
A very promising gift and a day she will never forget.


Gift cards

Mums deserve to look their best. Hence, a gift card to be spent in a store is a heavenly sent present.


Α night at a Hotel

Leave the kids at home and spend the night at a luxurious hotel. Not a bad prize now isn’t it. The husband will thank you later.


A Girl’s weekend

Hard working mums would just adore a weekend getaway with their girlfriends. Assuming that they don’t get to see their friends that often, this gift is perfect for those girl-bonding moments.


Food/Drink supply

A family spends hundreds on grocery shopping every month and usually, it’s the mum who does those weekly trips to the store. You can make it so much easier for them and give them the chance to win a month’s supply of food, delivered to the door.


Beauty Treatment

Every mum wants to feel and look beautiful. Often though, they don’t even have the time to deal with their appearance. This special beauty treatment, is most definitely needed in their lives.


Baby products

From pacifiers to new baby clothes, a mum’s wish is to satisfy her kids’ needs to the max. If you have the ability to offer her baby/kids products, then you’re right on the money.


Family trip

A trip with the family? Yes please!
This gift does indeed sound luxurious, but if you can make it happen for your followers, then there’s no reason why not to.

Eleonora Xenophontos
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